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International/Cultural Studies

Anna Ballinger

Assistant Professor, French, Francophnoe and Italian Studies

  • French Revolution
  • French Renaissance
  • 19th-century France (economy, arts, architecture)
  • French art
  • French cinema

Emily Beck
Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • Spanish medieval and early modern literature
  • Chivalry in history and literature
  • Relations between Christians, Jews, and converts on the Iberian Peninsula
  • Women and gender

Tim Carmichael
Associate Professor, History

  • Horn of Africa
  • African History
  • Islam in Africa

Timothy Coates
Professor, History

  • Portuguese-speaking world

Lisa Covert
Assistant Professor, History

  • Modern Latin America
  • U.S.-Latin America relations
  • Tourism (specifically in Latin America)
  • Expatriation (specifically in Latin America)
  • Mexican history to the present
  • Cold War Latin America
  • Public history (specifically in Latin America)
  • Economic history (specifically in Latin America)

Maria Colomina-Garrigos
Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • Dictatorship and post-dictatorship fiction of the Southern Cone
  • Narratology
  • Contemporary Spanish American fiction

Mark P. Del Mastro
Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • 19th and 20th century Spanish literature
  • Identity and psychoanalysis in Post-Spanish Civil War narrative
  • National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society

Stephen Della Lana
Senior Instructor, German and Slavic Studies

  • German business
  • German business ties with South Carolina
  • German Internships
  • German club events

Douglas Friedman
Director/Associate Professor, International and Intercultural Studies

  • Latin American politics
  • U.S. foreign policy in Latin America
  • Political economy in Latin America
  • Cuba

Michael Gómez
Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • 19th and 20th century Spanish literature and philosophy

Robyn A. Holman
Associate Professor, French, Francphone and Italian Studies

  • French linguistics

Meglena Miltcheva
Adjunct Faculty, German and Slavic studies

  • Bulgarian, Russian languages/translation
  • Bulgarian and Russian area studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Russian literature and folklore
  • Multilingual publishing

Jose Antonio Moreira
Adjunct Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • Portuguese: translation; radio and publicity
  • Contenmporrary Brazilian business, culture, custom, soccer, sport and tourism

Luis Linares-Ocanto
Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • Cuban theater; Homosexual representation in New Cuban theater
  • Afro-Cuban religion “Santeria”

Malte Pehl
Assistant Professor, International and Intercultural Studies

  • Politics in India
  • Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
  • International relations in South Asia
  • Modern German politics and history

Peter A. Piccione
Associate Professor, Comparative Ancient History; Egyptology

  • Arabic studies (history, languages and civilization)
  • Modern Middle East and connections to ancient eras
  • Ancient Egypt and the Near East

Bernard E. Powers, Jr.
Professor, History

  • Arabic studies (history, languages and civilizations)
  • Modern Middle East and connections to ancient eras
  • Ancient Egypt and the Near East

Dale Rosengarten
Historian/Curator of Jewish Heritage, Special Collections

  • Southern Jewish history and culture

Andrew Sobiesuo
Professor, Hispanic Studies

  • Global education
  • Study abroad, student visa and immigration matters
  • Contemporary Spanish literatures and cultures, Afro-Hispanic literatures
  • African affairs

Godwin O. Uwah
Professor, French

  • Business opportunities in West Africa
  • French for business and marketing
  • French/Caribbean affairs
  • African affairs

Robert Westerfelhaus
Associate Professor, Communication

  • Popes (especially Benedict XVI)
  • Film, television
  • Popular Culture